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Latest Job Vacancies in Emirates

Emirates  invested in a program called “habitual arrivals”. This allows air traffic control to establish an uplink with an en route aircraft. It first determines the speed and flight profile from the air to the runway; This allows the crew to accept and fly a continuous landing profile, saving fuel and emissions. The airline claims that emissions are lower  than other airlines, as its fleet averages fuel consumption of less than 4 liters per 100 passenger kilometers. The airline’s cargo division has a similar distribution network.

On this page, we’ll provide you with the most recent job vacancies for Emirates candidates. Examining the openings listed below will help.

Sales Support Manager – 230000YYUAE
Business Development Analyst – 230000Z1UAE
Senior Software Engineer/ Senior Technical Software Engineer (ReactJS) – 230002A7UAE
Junior Accountant (Shift) – 230002AQUAE
Licensed Flight Dispatcher – UAE National Graduate Programme – UAE Nationals Only – 230002B1UAE
Senior/ Lead Quality Assurance Engineer – 230002BCUAE
Business Development Manager (UAE National) – 230000Z0UAE
Environment Affairs Analyst – 2300029RUAE
Junior Accountant – 230002AOUAE
Principal Solutions Architect – 230000KSUAE
Business Support Manager – EGS – 2300024ZUAE
Manager Portfolio Service Management – 23000296UAE
Business Support Specialist – EGS – 2300029TUAE
Revenue Optimisation Analyst – 23000291UAE
e-Commerce Distribution Controller – 2300029NUAE
Project Administration Coordinator – 2300027YUAE
Crew Performance Specialist (UAE Nationals Only) – 23000292UAE
IT Senior Operations & Support Engineer-Database and Integration – 2300004BUAE
Procurement & Logistics Specialist – U.A.E. Nationals only – 23000271UAE
IT Graduate Programme (UAE Nationals Only) – 23000173UAE
Technical Product Owner (UAE National) – 230001NXUAE
Compliance Monitoring Auditor Ground Operations – 230001V0UAE
Aircraft Performance Specialist – UAE National Graduate Programme – UAE Nationals Only – 230001R3UAE
Principal Performance Engineer – 220001KWUAE
Registration – First Officer A380 & B777 – 210000JWUAE
Registration – Accelerated Command A380 – 210000JVUAE
Synthetic Flight Examiner (Ground) A380 – 220002P9UAE
Technical Product Owner (UAE National) – 230001NXUAE
IT Scholarship Programme (UAE Nationals Only) – 2300015NUAE
Technical Product Owner – Digital – 2300020UUAE

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