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About the job

Manage and supervise construction activities on-site, ensuring compliance with project plans and specifications.
Collaborate with project managers, architects, and subcontractors to define project objectives, scope, and requirements.
Interpret project plans and blueprints, and coordinate the execution of construction activities accordingly.
Oversee the selection and management of subcontractors, ensuring they meet project needs.
Monitor progress, track expenses, and maintain project schedules, making adjustments as necessary.
Conduct regular site inspections to ensure work meets quality and safety standards.
Address any issues, changes, or challenges that arise during construction, providing effective solutions.
Manage resources, including materials, equipment, and labor, efficiently.
Enforce safety and regulatory standards on-site to ensure compliance.
Collaborate with project teams to communicate updates, resolve issues, and facilitate a smooth construction process.
Prepare and maintain detailed site reports and documentation.
Ensure efficient and timely completion of construction projects.
Participate in risk assessment and mitigation planning.


Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, or a related field. Professional certifications are a plus.
Proven minimum 7 years experience as a Site Engineer in the UAE construction industry.
Strong understanding of construction processes, methods, and materials.
Proficiency in reading project plans, blueprints, and technical drawings.
Knowledge of safety and quality standards and regulations.
Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Key Skills:

Construction site management
Blueprint interpretation
Quality and safety compliance
Project scheduling and coordination
Problem-solving and decision-making
Communication and collaboration

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