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About the job
Position: Senior Marketing and PR Manager

Location: Dubai, UAE

Department: Marketing and Public Relations

Reports To: Group CEO and Chairman

Our client is in the investment management industry specializing in Fintech, Information Technology, Media, and Entertainment. They are looking for a PR and Marketing manager to join their dynamic team in Dubai

Objective: To build, spearhead, execute, and supervise the marketing, branding, and public relations strategies for Family Holding (investment company), its portfolio companies, and executive profiles.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy Development: Craft and execute a comprehensive marketing, branding, and PR strategy for the family holding, its portfolio companies, and key executive profiles.
Coordination with Portfolio Companies: Collaborate closely with portfolio companies to ensure alignment of marketing efforts and initiatives. Ensure a consistent branding and messaging approach across all entities.
Reputation Management: Actively manage and oversee the reputation of the company and its executives, ensuring a consistent and positive brand image.
Digital Presence: Establish and cultivate the family holding’s digital footprint through social media platforms, website development, and other relevant online channels.
Performance Analysis: Analyze and report on the effectiveness of various marketing and PR campaigns, leveraging data to refine and adjust strategies as needed.
Financial Management: Oversee the budgeting process for the marketing department, ensuring optimal allocation of resources and tracking ROI on campaigns.
Stakeholder Communication: Provide frequent and comprehensive reports to the Group CEO, Chairman, and other key stakeholders about the department’s performance, initiatives, and challenges.
Media Relations: Leverage existing media connections and forge new relationships to optimize PR outcomes. Organize and manage media events, press releases, and interviews.
Departmental Building: Take ownership and responsibility in establishing, building, and optimizing the marketing and PR function within the investment company context.
Team Leadership: Lead and manage the marketing and PR team, ensuring a collaborative environment and fostering professional growth among team members.
Continuous Learning: Stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the marketing and PR world to ensure the family holding remains at the forefront of its industry.
Crisis Management: Prepare for and adeptly handle any PR crises, coordinating responses across platforms and ensuring swift resolution.


Minimum of 8-10 years of professional experience in marketing and PR.
Demonstrable success with personal and corporate PR campaigns.
Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field.
Established network in the media world, including connections with media outlets, marketing agencies, and branding companies.
Demonstrated leadership abilities, with experience in managing teams.
Confident and initiative-driven, with a proactive approach to challenges.
Solid financial acumen, with experience in budgeting and ROI analysis.
Entrepreneurial spirit and skills, with the ability to operate and innovate within an investment company context.
Ability to perform effectively under high pressure and challenging situations.
Proficiency in English; fluency in French is a significant advantage.

Desirable Qualities:

Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
High degree of professionalism and ethical standards.
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
Familiarity with the dynamics and requirements of an investment company/family holding setup.

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