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Duncan & Ross Consulting

About the job
DEQCS reviews design documentation issued by AMB in-house design team, outsource designers and 3rd party designers / design consultants of following disciplines:

Architectural, incl. interior design
Structural design, including light-gauged steel (LGS) if applicable.
Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical (Power, low voltage, etc.), Plumbing (plumbing, sewage, etc.), Fire & Life Safety disciplines.


Completeness: Each chapter (discipline) of the project must adhere to the requirements provided below. Common sense should prevail, considering that projects may vary in purpose, size, and complexity. The project’s composition should align with the project’s goals.
Comprehensive Detailing: The project must encompass all aspects of the architectural design. Every building, structure, portacabin, or container details should be presented with the required level of detail to prevent errors during the production or assembly of components.
Consistency among disciplines: A fundamental principle is that the architectural section (AR) serves as the lead section of the project documentation. The AR section is developed first and acts as a reference for related sections. Amendments or changes in the AR section may be made in coordination with the chief architect or project author to ensure consistency with other sections.
Compliance with (in descending order of importance):
Sales order material schedule (cost of materials is determined on an early tender stage and cannot be recommended / commented to be changed without written AMBs approval.
Saudi Arabian or United Arab Emirates Building Codes
Client’s requirements (technical brief or AMBs sales order)
Client’s Material Approval Forms (MAFs) and project documentation sections
Internal AMB documents
BIM Quality: The integrated multidisciplinary model must have a level of detail (LOD) not less than:
“For Clients approval” – LOD 300
As-Built Documentation – LOD 500

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