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About the job
As a Project Engineer in an Interior Decor organization, you will play a crucial role in the successful execution of interior design and decoration projects. You will be responsible for coordinating and managing various aspects of the project, including design implementation, procurement, construction, and quality control. Your technical expertise, project management skills, and attention to detail will contribute to the timely completion of projects while ensuring adherence to quality standards.

Key Responsibilities:

Collaborate with the design team to understand project requirements, objectives, and design intent.
Develop detailed project plans, including timelines, resource allocation, and budget estimates.
Coordinate and oversee the execution of interior design projects, ensuring compliance with design specifications, building codes, and industry standards.
Manage project budgets, track expenses, and provide regular financial updates to stakeholders.
Prepare and review construction drawings, technical specifications, and other project-related documents to ensure accuracy and clarity.
Coordinate with suppliers, vendors, and contractors to procure materials, equipment, and services required for project implementation.
Conduct site visits and inspections to monitor the progress of construction activities, resolve technical issues, and ensure adherence to design and safety standards.
Manage and coordinate subcontractors and laborers, ensuring efficient workflow and timely completion of project milestones.
Collaborate with the quality control team to establish and implement quality assurance procedures, conducting inspections and addressing any deficiencies.
Communicate and coordinate with clients, providing regular project updates, addressing their concerns, and managing expectations.


Bachelors degree in Engineering or a related field. A specialisation in Architectural Science or Interior Design is advantageous.
Proven experience as a Project Engineer or similar role in the interior decoration or fit out industry.
Min 5-8 years work experience in UAE in Interior decor sector
UAE driving license is mandatory
In-depth knowledge of construction methods, materials, and interior design principles.
Proficiency in project management software and tools for scheduling, budgeting, and documentation.
Strong technical skills, including the ability to read and interpret construction drawings and technical specifications.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with clients effectively, design teams, contractors, and other stakeholders.
Strong organizational and multitasking abilities to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
Detail-oriented with a focus on quality control and adherence to standards.
Familiarity with building codes, regulations, and safety standards.
Problem-solving skills and the ability to make informed decisions under pressure.

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