Livestock Commercial & Operations Manager

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About the job
Our client is a long-established dominant specialist in the end-to-end GCC manufacturing, food supply, agriculture, and retail market. They seek a highly experienced Livestock Commercial and Operations Manager in GCC.

Key Responsibilities:

Lead the development and implementation of strategies for introducing and marketing premium livestock feed in Yemen, targeting cattle, camels, goats, and other livestock.
Build and maintain relationships with large animal breeders and traditional farmers to introduce and promote the organization’s livestock feed products.
Identify new business opportunities and partnerships within the market.
Lead and manage a team, fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and innovation. Provide guidance and support to ensure objectives are met effectively.
Drive sales and marketing efforts by showcasing the benefits and value proposition of the premium feed to potential customers. Negotiate contracts and manage sales transactions.
Oversee the development of high-quality livestock feed, ensuring it meets the nutritional needs of various livestock species. Work closely with the R&D team to innovate and improve product offerings.
Direct all operations related to the company-owned feed factory, including overseeing manufacturing processes, managing the supply chain, and ensuring consistent product quality and availability.
Responsible for financial operations related to the livestock feed business unit, including budgeting, cost control, financial reporting, and profitability analysis.
Continuously optimize the supply chain to ensure timely procurement of raw materials, efficient production processes, and cost-effective distribution of livestock feed.
Develop and manage budgets for various operational areas, ensuring financial resources are allocated optimally and in line with strategic objectives.
Integrate sustainable practices into operations, such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly packaging, aligning with corporate social responsibility goals.
Implement quality control measures throughout the production cycle to maintain consistent high-quality feed, minimizing batch variations and ensuring product safety.
Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to track the success of the business unit, regularly evaluating performance and making data-driven decisions for improvement.
Develop risk mitigation strategies related to supply chain disruptions, market fluctuations, and other operational challenges to sustain business continuity.
Provide training and educational resources to farmers and distributors regarding the benefits, proper usage, and storage of the premium feed, fostering trust and loyalty.
Ensure adherence to local regulations, standards, and certifications governing the production, distribution, and marketing of livestock feed in Yemen.
Conduct ongoing market research and analysis to identify emerging trends, competitor activities, and consumer preferences. Utilize findings to refine product offerings and strategies.

Experience and Qualifications:

Degree in Veterinary, Animal Nutrition, Business Administration, Supply Chain, or a related field.
8+ years of proven experience in a managerial role within the livestock feed or related industry.
Demonstrated ability in commercial activities, including sales, business development, and relationship management.
Strong negotiation, strategic thinking with a blend of commercial, operational, and leadership skills are essential.
Hands-on experience in managing operational aspects, preferably within a feed manufacturing environment.
In-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of farming, supply chain management, and quality control.
Ability to work in a dynamic environment and navigate challenges inherent in introducing new products into a traditional market setting.
Fluency in Arabic is required.

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