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About the job
Job Purpose

The job purpose of an Integration developer is to oversee and manage the seamless integration of systems, processes, or technologies within an organization. The primary objective is to ensure that different components can effectively work together, enabling efficient data flow, improved operational processes, and enhanced overall performance. The integration developer is responsible for strategically planning and executing integration projects, coordinating with stakeholders, analyzing requirements, mitigating risks, ensuring quality control, and driving continuous improvement. Ultimately, the goal is to facilitate successful integration initiatives that alignwith the organization’s objectives, optimize efficiency, and contribute to overall business success. Design,develop the solution, facilitate the development, and support of core module of Enterprise. Developand technical specifications to address new/change requirements to meet the business requirements and technology changes


Analyzing data integration requirements, analyzing data sources and targets, business rules, and transformation logic

Design, develop and maintain Informatica cloud data integration processes using the appropriate data load technique, including Push-Down Optimization for performance optimization

Works with non-technical, subject matter experts to understand underlying data behavior and characteristics in ways that will be new for such non-technical people.

Ensure industry standard approach followed for all types of integrations.

Independently analyzes and documents impacts of business requests on existing system.

Create and refine technical documentation and fallback mechanism.

Create and maintain processes/programs to adapt to changes in needs and requirements.


A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as computer science, information technology, or engineering is typically required.

A master’s degree or additional certifications in areas such as project management or business process management can be advantageous.


Cloud Data and Application Integration R38, Professional Certification is a must.

PMI – ACP Certification will be an advantage.

TOGAF Certification will be an advantage

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