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FIVE Hotels and Resorts

About the job
An Exhilarating Opportunity

Are You Ready for a Daring Challenge with The World’s Hottest Luxury Hotel Group? Disruptive by Design, FIVE Hotels and Resorts is Redefining ‘FIVE-Star’ Hospitality and Setting the Gold Standard across the Industry.

Join the FIVE Tribe – and Get Ready to Make Waves.

The Candidate

A Driven Self-Starter, you have Excellent Communication, Leadership and Organisational Skills. As an Astute Creative and Critical Thinker, you can Conceptualise and Implement Innovative Solutions in a Fast-Paced Environment. Not even the Smallest Detail Escapes Your Keen Eye and You Execute Tasks Proactively with Precision and Finesse. A ‘Can-Do!’ Attitude Coupled with An Inherent Flair for Taking Ownership Makes You a Highly Motivated Go-Getter.

Your Outgoing and Approachable Nature enables you to Seamlessly Connect with other ‘FIVERs’ and key Stakeholders, ensuring that Their and Your Journey at FIVE is nothing short of Sensational. Joining our Human Resources Team as Cluster Manager – Learning and Development, will Empower you to deliver Exceptional Experiences across our award-winning Lifestyle Destinations. Jump on Board and Unlock your Potential in a Buzzing Environment that will take your Career to New Heights!

What We’re Looking For

A Bachelors Degree in Human Resources, Hospitality Management or a related field is preferred, with a preference for additional certifications or training in Learning and Development.
A proven track record in Learning and Development in a Luxury Hotel is preferred.
Exquisite Understanding of Adult Learning Principles and Training Methodologies.
Previous experience in Forbes or Leading Quality Assurance (LQA)-Rated properties will be Advantageous, demonstrating a Strong Commitment to Luxury Service Standards.
Remarkable Ability to Lead and Inspire a Team, fostering a Collaborative and High-Performance Culture.
An ability to Align Learning Initiatives with the overall Strategic Goals of the organisation.
A deep Understanding of the Luxury Hospitality Industry and the specific needs of each Department within a hotel.
A Creative Approach to Designing and Delivering Learning Programmes that engage and inspire.
The Capability to Drive Change and Innovation within the Learning and Development Function.
Next-Level Organisational and Supervisory skills, effectively leading and inspiring the FIVE Tribe to New Heights.
Impeccable communication skills, both verbal and written, with fluency in English (Proficiency in multiple languages is preferred).
Sensational Multi-Tasking skills to deliver a ‘FIVE-Star’ Experience for Fellow ‘FIVERs,’ in a Fast-Paced Environment.
A Welcoming and Enthusiastic Energy that sets the tone for a Sensational ‘FIVER’ Experience.
Remarkable Organisational skills, coupled with a meticulous Eye for Detail, ensures every aspect of the Operation is perfectly curated
A teamwork-oriented mindset, fostering Collaboration and Cooperation among FIVE Tribe Members to achieve collective success.
A hands-on attitude, fuelled by a ‘Can-Do!’ Spirit.

Key Responsibilities

Develops and Executes a Strategic Blueprint for Learning and Development, harmonising it with the ‘FIVE-Star’ Standards of luxury hospitality and FIVE’s unwavering pursuit of excellence.
Collaborates closely with senior management to align on organisational aspirations and departmental requisites, Crafting Bespoke Learning Initiatives that resonate with these needs.
Crafts and delivers captivating, ‘FIVE-Styled’ Learning Modules, Workshops, and Training Sessions tailored to the distinctive requirements of various divisions within the hotel cluster.
Employs adult learning principles and Cutting Edge Training Methodologies to elevate the learning journey, ensuring a superlative Delivery of High-Calibre Content.
Spearheads and oversees the Learning and Development Team, furnishing adept guidance, unwavering support, and mentorship to Drive the Teams Efficacy and ongoing Professional Growth.
Cultivates a cohesive and inclusive Team Ethos, fostering a climate of inventiveness and proactive involvement amongst FIVE Tribe Members.
Discerns and champions High-Potential Talent, executing initiatives for talent development, in collaboration with Human Resources, while devising comprehensive Career Progression Tracks.
Instates strategies for Succession Planning, guaranteeing a reservoir of adept and motivated individuals primed for pivotal roles within the organisation.
Enforces a robust Performance Management Framework for learning programmes, conducting routine appraisals to prompt enhancement suggestions.
Offers Constructive Feedback to both ‘FIVERs’ and Managers, identifying avenues for Performance Refinement.
Collaborates with Departmental Heads, Human Resources, and External Training Affiliates to orchestrate a holistic approach towards the Advancement of our FIVE Tribe.
Cultivates Remarkable Alliances with key stakeholders to ensure that learning programmes remain Aligned with the dynamic Needs of the Organisation.
Remains attuned to Industry trends, examples of excellence, and regulations to ensure Adherence and Compliance.
Produces regular Reports highlighting the Efficacy of learning programmes, showcasing their Impact on ‘FIVER’ Performance and Organisational Objectives.

The Team

‘FIVERs’ are Cultured yet Chic, Confident yet Self-Effacing, and Work Hard to Play even Harder. As a FIVE Tribe Member, youll Personify the distinct ‘Vibe at FIVE’ and apply it to create Insta-Perfect Experiences for our Guests that keeps them Coming Back for More. If you Dream of being surrounded by Like-Minded Individuals who share your Passion for Delivering Unforgettable Moments that last a Lifetime – then Look No Further and Unleash your Next-Level Potential.

Sustainable Indulgence at FIVE

FIVE is a leader in Sustainable Luxury Living and Hospitality, with its UAE-based Destinations being the first and only Hotels in the UAE to obtain the International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-REC) for achieving 100% renewable electricity for 2022. The companys Science-Meets-Styled ‘Sustainable Indulgence’ Ethos has led to a completely LEED Platinum-certified operational hospitality portfolio. FIVE Palm Jumeirah and FIVE Jumeirah Village are also 3 Star SPIRE Rated Smart Buildings. FIVE Zurich, the only LEED Platinum hotel in Switzerland, achieved an impressive 84 Points under LEED v4s BD+C and ID+C rating system, making it one of just five hotels worldwide to receive Platinum Certification. FIVE illustrates its Commitment to making ‘Sustainability without Compromise on Luxury Living’ central to its Future Vision, with FIVE LUXE already on track to acquire LEED Platinum (BD+C). These Achievements highlight FIVE’s Comprehensive and Committed Scope of Sustainability Strategy permeating Operations, Governance and Community.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

The FIVE Tribe represents over 70 nationalities across its over 1500 ‘FIVERs’. FIVE is Committed to Hiring a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce as an Equal-Opportunity Employer. Accordingly, FIVE does not discriminate based on disability, race, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or belief, nationality, marital status, or any other basis protected under national or local laws. Ranked 10th on the Great Workplaces in the UAE 2023 list of Large Organisations, the FIVE Tribe is more than a group of people working together – it is a Family bonded by common Values and Goals, Celebrating People, Culture and Diversity.

About FIVE Hotels And Resorts

FIVE Hotels and Resorts prides itself on being Disruptively Different and Daringly Unique. Our Growing Portfolio of Lavish Destinations are the epitome of Glamour and Experiential Luxury, and currently consists of FIVE Palm Jumeirah, FIVE Jumeirah Village, FIVE Zurich and FIVE LUXE. Joining our Exceptional FIVE Tribe means you are part of a team who Breaks Boundaries and offers Unbeatable Next-Level Experiences at FIVE’s award-winning Hotels, Dining Concepts, and 360-Degree Immersive Nightlife Venues. As part of the Accomplished FIVE Tribe, you will be part of a group of High Achievers who Fearlessly Challenge Conventions on a Global Stage.

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