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Etihad Rail is a national railway network in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  It was designed with the aim of transporting goods and passengers across the UAE. The rail connects the seven emirates of UAE to its neighbouring GCC countries. Etihad rail with its vast network, is offering a diverse range of career opportunities for job seekers in different fields.


Etihad Rail was established in 2009, under the Federal Law No.2. The network is owned and operated by Etihad Rail DB a joint venture between Etihad Rail and Deutsche Bahn. The network was designed to transport passengers and goods across the UAE, and thereby potentially connect to the neighbouring countries in the future.

Etihad Rail is expected to have a major impact on the UAE’s economy, by improving transportation of goods and creating new jobs. It is estimated that the network will create over 15,000 jobs during the construction phase alone. And will also contribute over AED 18 billion to the UAE’s GDP by 2030.

Etihad Rail uses a state-of-the-art automated train control system. This method allows for the safe and efficient operations of train. The system includes advanced signalling and communication technology, as well as real time monitoring of trains and track conditions.


Etihad Rail is a major infrastructure project that is expected to have a significant positive impact on the UAE’s economy and environment. With its advanced technology and focus safety, the network is poised to become a key component of the UAE’s transportation infrastructure.

Etihad’s Rail places a high priority on safety of its operations. The Rail has also implemented a range of measures to ensure the safety of its operations. These measures include regular safety audits, training programs for staff, and construction of the cutwork.

Etihad Rail is expected to have a significant positive impact on the environment, as it will help to reduce carbon emissions and congestion on the roads. It is estimated that the Rail network will reduce carbon emission by up to 2.2 million tonnes per year by 2030

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