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Al Tayer Group

Al Tayer Group Jobs and Careers in UAE

Al Tayer Group is a privately held  company established in 1979. The group currently operates in six Middle Eastern countries, including nearly 200 stores and 23 showrooms in several Middle Eastern markets. The company is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and employs nearly 9,000 people. Al Tayer Group operates in several sectors, including automotive sales and service, luxury and lifestyle retail, perfume and cosmetics distribution, design, real estate and interior design.

Al Tayer Group has a number of investments and partnerships in various sectors, including construction, engineering, freight  and related services, as well as precision tool manufacturing, healthcare and cinema exhibitions. In addition to owning and operating a full-service travel agency, the group’s portfolio also includes the development of commercial and residential real estate.

About Al Tayer Group

Al Tayer Group is one of the largest privately owned family businesses in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, the group operates in six Middle Eastern countries  and manages more than 200 stores.  Al Tayer’s retail division turned to AWS to accelerate its digital transformation  and reliably launched four e-commerce platforms with Android and iOS applications to serve the young and fast-growing consumer base in the Middle East, which is increasingly shopping online. in the year.

“We currently manage four e-commerce websites that have  steadily grown in popularity and recently seen a 50 percent increase in website traffic,” Mohamed Fayed, Head of OmniChannel, Al Tayer Group. Relying on  on-premises infrastructure  made it difficult for the company to scale sites and ensure high availability. “To manage growth, we needed to  more easily scale up computing power while  controlling costs,” says Fayed. A small retail  IT team was looking for a way to more easily manage their overall website environment. “We follow a DevOps model and needed more flexibility to support it,” says Mustafa Kirimli, chief DevOps engineer at Al Tayer Group. “We wanted to focus on development rather than infrastructure management.”

The automotive division of Al Tayer Group was founded in 1982 and represents European and American car manufacturers including Land Rover, Jaguar, Ford, Lincoln, Ferrari and Maserati. In Abu Dhabi, the company is represented through Premier Motors.  Al Tayer Group’s car division also includes a car rental division established in 1994 with a fleet of 4,500 vehicles for both rental and leasing in the UAE. The automotive industry launched its smart app in 2020.

Working at Al Tayer

Over the years, Al Tayer Group has successfully brought more than 80 brands in the automotive and retail sectors to the Middle East. In addition, Al Tayer Group has quality-focused companies in the fields of perfume and cosmetics distribution, design and interior design. But what sets them apart are those brand ambassadors who uphold the true essence of each brand by delivering an amazing customer experience to all their customers.

This  earned them recognition at the international level. In addition to promoting a culture of diverse experiences and goals in business, they also encourage  local community involvement. After all, it is their social responsibility to give back by making positive changes where they live. Every year they volunteer and raise awareness for the many important causes they work with.

The company has many investments and partnerships in various fields such as construction, freight, engineering and related services, including tool manufacturing, healthcare and cinema exhibitions. The company’s portfolio also includes commercial and real estate development projects. The company believes that people come first. They encourage and strengthen people for the free movement of thoughts.

The group invests in its staff to ensure the development  of the organization and the career ladder. Whatever your future career aspirations are, their companies have you covered. The  offer gives you the opportunity to increase your passion to create long-term career success. You will be able to work with like-minded people and  be  part of the business of a progressive Middle Eastern company. Al Tayer vacancies are in different categories and currently 9,000 workers of different nationalities are working  with better salary. Al Tayer jobs in Dubai for new and recent graduates are highly paid.

How To Apply For Jobs at Al Tayer

If you’re interested in working at Al Tayer group then, click the link given below to find about the job vacancies which are currently available at the company.

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