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Airbus Jobs and Careers -Worldwide

Airbus is a  pioneer in the aerospace industry, operating in the commercial aircraft, helicopter, defence and aerospace industries. it is a leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of aerospace products, services and solutions to customers worldwide. With more than 125,000 employees, and as Europe’s largest aerospace company  and a global leader, Airbus is at the forefront of the aviation industry.

They build the most innovative commercial aircraft and consistently collect about half of all commercial aircraft orders. Thanks to their deep understanding of changing market needs, customer focus and technological innovation, they offer products that connect people and places through air and space.

 it has always  been at the forefront of  new technological innovation with a pioneering spirit that has redefined the aviation industry. Their products bring people  together, helping them unite and thrive. They constantly strive to  push the boundaries of what is possible to secure the world for future generations.

About Us

Airbus Group is the world’s leading provider of aviation, space and related services. Consisting of three divisions – Airbus, The company Defence and Space and Airbus Helicopters – the group had a turnover of 60.7 billion euros in 2014 and employed approximately 138,600 employees in 170 locations worldwide. Today we conduct research and development under Airbus Group Innovations (AGI), our intercompany research and technology network, leading to commercially viable solutions tomorrow.

 This Group has a rich history of innovation. Radar technology, the first jet engine, Maglev trains, airbags, medical lasers, supersonic jets and the first twin-nine wide-body jet are just some of the technological advances and versatile products that the group and its predecessors brought to market. The companies included in the Airbus group have continuously explored new areas in the field of aviation during their long history.

As a manufacturer of commercial aircraft, Airbus is Europe’s largest aerospace company, with an aerospace and defense division and a helicopter division, and a world leader. Airbus has built on its strong European heritage to become truly international, with approximately 180 locations and 12,000 direct suppliers worldwide.

Working at Us

Airbus Group’s challenge today is to move towards more environmentally friendly transport vehicles that use less fossil fuels and use energy more efficiently. They are taking steps in this direction by developing electric aircraft – e-planes – and using hybrid propulsion systems that combine electric power with traditional jet engine technology. Their goal is to develop technologies that will help civil aviation achieve its goal of halving carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. Through Airbus Group Innovations, a group-wide research and technology network, they conduct research and development today that leads to commercially viable solutions tomorrow.

This Group Innovations also collaborates with institutes, universities, research centers and industrial partners, bringing unique perspectives and opportunities through knowledge and cultural diversity. Their 800-strong team is spread around the world to enable their vision of a more mobile, safer and more eco-efficient world, support the Group’s divisions and ensure that the Airbus Group remains at the forefront of innovation.

The Airbus C295 is next in Airbus Military Air Systems’ race towards more sustainable military aviation, following the first SAF demonstration flight of the Airbus A400M last summer. The C295 successfully completed its maiden flight in Seville at 29% mixed SAF load on two engines, helping pave the way to the ultimate goal of achieving 100% SAF capability for Airbus military aircraft and decarbonizing military aviation.

This isalso operates a number of staff shuttles (part of Scope 3 emissions) connecting its main locations across Europe and the UK. More recently, Airbus partnered with current TLS-FXW charter service provider Volotea to deploy SAF. Like Airbus, Volotea is committed to making travel sustainable. Since the fall of this year, the two companies have been producing Airbus Hamburg-Finkenwerder for Toulouse-Blagnac aircraft with a 34 percent “inflow” mix of SAF. This mixture is the same fuel offered for delivery to customers from Airbus’ Hamburg factory, and will also fuel the Beluga before its next destination. This reduces greenhouse gases by more than 80 percent.

Airbus achieved financial results for the nine months of 2022  in a difficult operating environment. The supply chain remains fragile due to the  impact of the COVID virus, the war in Ukraine, energy supply problems and a limited labor market. Their strong focus on cash flow and the favorable dollar-euro environment have allowed them to raise their free cash flow guidance through 2022. Commercial aircraft delivery and revenue targets remain unchanged. The teams are focusing on their top priorities, and especially commercial aircraft climbs, in the coming months and years.

How To Apply For Jobs at Airbus

If you’re interested in working at airbus then, checkout the link given below for more information about the jobs which are available and their current vacancies.

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